2048 Coins is a challenging
cryptocurrency puzzle

  • Single-player sliding block puzzle game
  • New stunning design of the old game
  • Tiles distribution, according to the capitalization of the cryptocurrency
  • Easy gameplay
  • Only for real crypto geeks

New stunning design

We took the classic mechanics of all favorite games and dedicated it to crypto-currencies. To make it even simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable.

Easy gameplay

The goal is to get a single square to be Bitcoin tile. Get two of the same crypto logo next to each other to add them together.

Distribution by capitalization

Distribution of crypto tiles, according to the capitalization of the cryptocurrency in the world.

For real crypto geeks

Try your hand at the classic gameplay, but complicated by replacing the digital signage with the crypto currency logos.

Test your mind and skills.

Let see how quick you can play 2048 Coins game. All you need to do is add the two tiles with the same crypto logo. The two tiles with the same logo will merge or add up. Think and strategize to get the highest score. So join the coins tiles and get to the Bitcoin tile!


Just a stunning game, guys. Great idea with crypto. I'm playing now.

James, cryptogeek

Really very entertaining game. I usually play it when the trading of cryptocurrency is boring.

Mariya, trader

Thanks for replying, I been playing this game for years. Thank you again to awesome skin update.

Ron, developer

Stay with us

You can also email us at 2048coins@gmail.com. Glad to help